Registration for Lessons

General Information about the lessons

Fall session (16 lessons)

Winter session (20 lessons)

Students’ Recital: the 2nd Sunday of June (subject to change)

Missed lessons, cancellation of lessons and withdrawals

The missed lessons won’t be made-up if the student didn’t let the teacher know 48 hours prior to the lesson. I prefer not to judge reasons for cancellation. Therefore, there is no exception for this rule. For the missed lessons with the proper notice, students will have to take them within the same academic year or else loose the credits. The post-dated checks from a student who decides to withdraw from the lessons will be returned.

Method of payment

2 payments or 9 equal instalments

There will be 36 lessons in total. The tuition includes the fee for our student recital, administrative work and lesson planning, and a part of piano maintenance. Those of you who cannot take 36 lessons per year, tuition will be calculated according to my regular $60/hour rate.


  • Fall Semester: 16 x 45 minutes lessons: Tuition $600, or post-dated 4 checks of $150

  • Winter Semester: 20 x 45 minutes lessons: Tuition $750, or post-dated 5 checks of $150

This is a payment "plan" to allow equal payments each month, therefore it is not payment for the lessons for any specific month (Please do not adjust the amount for each month.)

Post-dated check should be dated on the 1st of each month.

Fee Table for the students who take lessons throughout the year 2020-2021

  • 30 minutes x 4 lessons = $100

  • 45 = $150

For advanced students:

  • 60 = $190 (only if one student takes 60 minutes)

  • 90 = $280 (only if one student takes 90 minutes)