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Preparation for RCM Examination & Auditions is available.

Affiliated Professor at the pre-conservatoire de musique de Montreal.


She started playing piano at the age of 7 and stopped at the age of 14, to pursue her interests in physics. After obtaining her PhD in physical oceanography, she worked at University of Wisconsin-Madison, MIT, and University of Alaska-Fairbanks. During her stay at MIT, she met David Deveau and Marcus Thompson who run the Chamber Music Program at MIT. She started playing piano again only during weekends as a hobby. However, in 2003, she came to Montreal to start studying with Professor Kyoko Hashimoto. She obtained her Licentiate and Master's Degree in piano performance and has taught music theory and solfège at private schools as well as at the McGill University. She now maintains a private studio in Montreal, Canada, playing concerts, being an organist at Église Saint Arsène, an official accompanist at Queens University and at several colleges in Montreal area.

Teaching Style

Her student's repertoire includes: Classical, Contemporary, and others. The goal of each lesson is not only to develop the student's musical ability but also to enjoy and appreciate music as an art. My mission for teaching music:

  • Communicating musical ideas and principles

  • Through lessons and practices, students can learn how to deal with all the problems they will have in their life.

  • Interacting with the adult students who were wishing to learn to play piano or learn something about music but never had a chance to do so.

  • Encouraging and helping adult students who has a profession other than one in music to keep up with their own levels.

  • A strong technical foundation and musical upbringing, and playing piano isn't an athletic competition.

  • Paying attention to musical details and technical skills required for producing effective and convincing performances

  • Emphasis on practice methods and how to develop an efficient piano practice regimes

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  • $70/hour (monthly payment option for a discount)

  • Any lesson length among 30/45/60/90 minutes or more are available

  • Can be combined with other subjects at school (physics, math, science, etc) for children

  • For any questions, please e-mail to: piano.ndg.montreal(at)gmail.com or give me a call at: 514-482-7123

My teachers and mentors include (there are so many since I moved around due to my job..):

Kyoko Hashimoto (Professor at McGill University), Natalie Pepin (Professor Emeritus University of Montreal), Eduard Zilberkant (Professor at University of Alaska- Fairbanks), David Deveau (Boston University and MIT), Markus Thompson (MIT, NEC, viola player in Boston Chamber Music Society), Lynn Chang (violin player in Boston Chamber Music Society), Jean Rife (horn player in MIT/NEC), Trevor Stephenson (harpsicord player in Madison, WI)