Tomo Trio 2012-13

Tomo Trio consists of three Japanese pianists, Haruyo Yoshino-Platt, Kanae Nobori, and Tomoko Inui. The trio performs concerts during which audiences love to witness the differences in solo performances, the interaction between the three pianists and the coordinated performances of music for four hands and six hands on a single piano.

In our new program of piano music, entitled “Prayer - Inori”, we will focus on performing works related to prayer from different cultures and eras, featuring Archer (Canada), Takemitsu and Kondo (Japan), and Messiaen (France) in the first half of the program, Bach (Germany) and Liszt (Hungary and Germany) in the second half of the program.

Concert Program

Prayer - Inori

Eskimo Prayer for four hands Violet Archer (1913-2000)

Rain Tree Sketch II -in Memoriam Olivier Messiaen- Toru Takemitsu (1930- 1996)

Vingt regards sur l'Enfant-Jésus pour piano Olivier Messiaen (1908 - 1992)

XI: Première communion de la Vierge

The Island for Piano Duo Kohei Kondo (b 1965)

No. 1: Prelude, No.5: A Festival for Memory, No.6: A Sunset on the Sea

-- Intermission --

Chaconne Bach-Busoni

Deux Legends Franz Liszt (1811-1886)

"St. François de Paule marchant sur les flots" (St. Francis of Paola walking on the waters)

Mephisto Waltz for six hands Franz Liszt –Tomotrio