schedule 2018

September 30, Sunday at 2 pm: Château Pierrefounds
November 22, Thursday at 8 pm: Place Kensington
Reinecke Piano Trio Op 274
Robert Kahn, Serenade
Voigt, Nocturno

November 14 Wednesday at noon: Southminster United Church, Ottawa
November 16 Friday at 7pm: NDG concert, Montreal
November 18 Sunday 2:30pm: maison Jesus-Marie, Longueuil (QC)

Bloch: Three Nocturnes
Enescu: Serenade Lointaine
Beethoven: Piano Trio No.3 c-minor
Rachmaninoff: Piano Trio No.1 Elegie
Shostakovich: Piano Trio No.1 Poeme

January 21 Western Arizona University Faculty Concert
Reinecke Piano Trio Op.188 (Oboe, French Horn, piano)

Pedro Molina, clarinet, Tomoko Inui, piano
Feb 4 (Sunday, 2pm) Chateau Pierrefonds
Feb 14 (Wednesday at 3:15pm) Place Kensington
Feb 21 (Wednesday at 2pm) Vista
Feb 23 (Friday at 8:15pm) Manoir Westmount

April 22 (Sunday, 3pm) Cambridge
Debussy: La Mer pour piano quatre mains
Mussurgsky: Pictures of the Exhibition for piano 4 hands

Marcus Thompson, viola, Tomoko Inui, piano
June 13 (Wednesday, 2pm) Vista
June 15 (Friday, 8:15pm) Manoir Westmount
June 16 (Saturday, 4:30pm) L'Oasis Musical @Christ Church Cathedral
June 17 (Sunday, 2pm)        L'Oasis Musical @St Georges Anglican Church
June 20 (Wednesday, noon)  Southminster United Church, Ottawa
         J.S. Bach: Sonata g-minor
         Ernest Bloch: Suite Hebraique
         York Bowen: Sonata No.1 c-minor
         Benjamin: Jamaican Rumba