Old News

Summer Trio

We have been playing together for the past two summers. We had lots of fun again this summer, doing recording and playing in the workshop.

Inui-Cheung Piano-Violin Duo

We played at various venues this summer. In particular, we were very fortunate to have a very warm and keen audience at Kirchberg an der Jagst (Germany) and Heerbrugg (Switzerland)Thank you very much for people who came.

Recording Session

Concert at maison de la culture Ahuntsic (Festival Borealis)

This concert series has an amazing number of people attending and listening our music. We had a nice feedback while we were playing.

Concert at Henri-Lemiuex (Festival Borealis)

We don't have a picture from "interview with the musicians" but we are able to interact with people living in LaSalle. Thank you very much for coming out to our concert.

Concert at Stewart Hall
"Unrequited Love of the Great Composers"
We played music by Beethoven, Liszt, and Chopin with 2 & 4 & 6 hands. The venue was beautiful as well as the weather.

Tomo Trio 2011-12 Season

Concert at Schloss Weikersheim

Alissa Cheung (violin), Claudia Kovacs (cello) and myself played in a concert as a part of "Abschulusskonzert der Internationalen Teilnehmer des Solo- und Kammermusikmeisterkurses" at Schloss Weikersheim. Schubert Piano Trio No.2 (Es Dur) - it is a great music (and quite long).


Coriolis Piano Quartet

played a concert as a part of Summer Recital Series at St James United Church.The temperature and humidity were so high, but the audience was so focused on listening to us. Thank you very much for the people who came out today for our concert!

JAPAN: Nation of Resilience on May 22 (Sunday)!@ École Vincent-d'Indy

The concert was very successful and there were many people listening to beautiful music. I am very honored to be one of the performers.

Concert at Bramalea Baptist Church
The weather was not particularly nice, but there were many people who came to listen to our performance.
Thank you very much for having us.

Concert at Pierrefonds Culture Center

The weather was quite nice and the audience were able to see the snow and squirrels running around while we were playing the concert. Thank you very much for having us play! 

Concert at "maison de la culture de frontenac"


It was my pleasure to play as a part of programs by maison de la culture (city of Montreal cultural program) with 250 seats all packed. The concert was narrated by Mr. Edgar from CBC-Radio - audience seemed to enjoy hearing some background of the each music.

Chamber Music Workshop in Kirchberg an der Jagst (Germany)


I had fun playing with many musicians this summer. Even rehearsing was enjoyable. If you could read German: http://www.swp.de/gaildorf/lokales/umland/art1159734,598187
The concert venue looked like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXPz1h5fh6I

My Summer Studio in Chateau de Pompignan (near Toulouse, FR)

Tomo pianists Trio in LaSalle

We gave a talk on "experience as musicians" after the concert about 10 minutes. It seems very interesting to many people so we had so many questions from the audience.

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Tomoko did improvisation?

I don't play jazz, pop songs, etc. However, for the first time in my life, I participated in a concert of free style improvisation.
Watch it on You Tube

Artist- Mari Hirano

I saw her in Osaka recently when she has an exhibition. Her orange color has not been changed which gives me hopeful attitudes.

Ice Candles (Candles encased in ice) - hand made


Stravinsky, Tower, Manoury, Creeggan and Bartok:

The repertoire we played was actually great. It does not sound so contemporary at all. There are lots of things we can try to create among this formation of the instruments. It was fun. Our group name is "Trio Scalene". Not only three instruments are different, each of us looks completely different.

Boston Trip in Summer was great.

I went back to Boston where I used to have another life. It was quite nice to go and see friends from my old times. This is a picture from a sailing boat looking toward "North End" area.

Spring has come.

Tulips are nice, a solar powered lamp works well, greens are not too green.

This was an interesting experience.

Playing a Japanese Folk Song with the Chinese KOTO.

A cute picture from Quebec City

In between the two fish, there is actually a flower in the ice!

I was very shocked the other day....

because I went to see the conservatory in Copenhagen, to see the very modern clean practice room with German Steinway pianos. This is a regular practice room. I really wanted to show the students there the "cleaness" and "spaciousness" of McGill University's practice rooms.