1: Festival Borealis このタイトルはいいと思う。
    北国の祭り 別宮 貞雄  <-- ending with this piece?
    Norwegian Danse Op 35 by Grieg (maybe two pieces)  <---starting with this piece?
Ten folk songs for four hands by Violet Archer (Canada) <-- should we include canada?



Norwegian Danse for piano four hands, Op 35                                  Edvard Grieg (1843-1907)

Die Quellennymphe Op.19-2                                                           Heino Kaski (1885-1957)


Pankakoski-Strom Op.48-1

Reverie Romance Op.19-1

The Spruce Op.75 No.5 Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)

Romance Op.24 No.9

Sonata in E minor, Op.7 Edvard Grieg

“Festa in the North” Japanese Suite No.2 for four hands piano Sadao Bekku (b. 1922)


2: All Schubert -- "Schubertmania"
    Grande Sonata  <-- start with this piece?
    Fantasie f-minor  <--- end with this piece?

   Excerpts 10 minutes each
    Moment Musicaux Tomoko (1,2,3,6 makes about 10 minutes without repeat)
    Drei Klavierstuke Haruyo

     Other Solo ideas:
      Fantasie Wanderer Tomoko
      Impromptu, Sonata A-major


3-a: Fantasie & Reality [Evil, Polonaise??]
    Schubert Fantasie 4 hands  <-- ending with this piece
    Grieg In Autumn, Fantasy for piano Op.11  <-- starting w/ this piece
    Final Fantasy (Game boy video game)  <--- just before the ending
    Scriabin Sonata Fantasie (Sonata No.2) --Tomoko
    Beethoven Sonata Pathetique -- Haruyo
    (Mozart Fantasy in c) -- Haruyo

      Schubert Fantasie
      Grieg In Autumn, Fantasy for piano Op.11
      Brahms Fantasy Op 116 Haruyo
      Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu Haruyo

      Bach: Chromatic Fantasie and Fugue or Fantasie and Fugue in A-minor BWV 944
          <----it is good to have but i have never performed..

      Scriabin Sonata Fantasie (Sonata No.2) Tomoko

4: Montreal - Hiroshima sister cities!  -- Preludes to Peace
  連弾のための組曲 島 近藤浩平   <-- Ending with this piece

     Chopin Preludes    Tomoko
     Debussy Preludes  Haruyo
    喜びの島 ドビッシー

5: Four Seasons
  中田 喜直
  (三善晃 二台ピアノ)

   Tchaikovsky 4 seasons (12 months)

6: Eco system

7. Clara Schumann
    Mendelssohn: Allegro Brillante

According to my book, Mendelssohn played four hands with Clara a lot, and he wrote this one to play with her.