alissa cheung

Venues (mailing preskit -> one week later personal touch:) e-mail & phone call)

Demo recordings (in mp3 file):

1.                                  => Dec 11 MAILED
       Festival musique sur ciel (cordes sur ciel)       
        Antoine Manceau
, le directeur artistique de Musique Sur Ciel.      
         Association Acadoc
          Maison Gaugiran
            40 Grand Rue Raimond VII - 81170 Cordes sur Ciel
TEL: 33

1-2:Town of Albi (main town for cordes sur ciel) --> sent out an e-mail on Dec 12 to find out the name of the artictic director.
Festival de Musique
Office de Tourisme
Palais de la Berbie
F-81000 Albi

2. +> have to find out the name of the artistic director... --> I sent out an e-mail on Dec 12.

Espace Croix- Baragnon

Mairie de Toulouse

24, rue Croix-Baragnon

31000 Toulouse

Tel 05 62 27 60 60 Website:

3. Festival Pablo

4. Festival de Pâques - Août Musical de Deauville

    Les Amis de la Musiques à Deauville
  17 rue La Bruyère, 75009 Paris, France
Tél. : 01 56 54 14 80 / 01 56 54 14 82
Yves Petit de Voize directeur artistique

5.                                ==> Dec 11 MAILED
    Contact: Marc Chisson( using the names - Olivier Brissaud and Barballa Weller)
      Isabelle Brunet, artistic director
Bureau du Festival: 42 Rue St Jacques 24540 - MONPAZIER
05 56 61 47 60
6. Au

7. Basel

I know a pianist and violinist, Thierry Huillet and Clara Cernat, but I feel that I cannot ask for information - they are also looking for gigs..maybe I will come up with a good excuse later.

1. Chateau Pompignan (Nathalie Xie)
2. Alban Lazar
Hi Tomoko,
here is the email of my friend Clarisse:
 Clarisse de Monredon ‎[]‎ 

She told me you can introduce yourself as my friend, and tell her what is your level and the kind of concert you want to participate in. This way she will try to give you contacts, even though she's specialized in international solist carrier I understand...

Good luck!


3. Sandy, Alexander String Quartet => Joan Enric Lluna, a town just outside of Valentia
                                                 e-mail only, no address
    Actually I played with all of them (also with Joan Enric) so depending on which level Joan Enric are looking for (if he is looking for his peer, maybe not), we might have a good chance. = more likely for woodwinds players

For the next performing season (we will deal with later):

1. Augustin => Washington DC French Embassy, la maison franceise, Laurent Celette (director)

2. Montreal is possible in the fall:

2-1:Apply through (March 1 is the latest submission for the next season) ->
We can change it later - the date of proposal submission will be recorded.

In order to apply:
The audio:mp3 is good enough (20 minutes max).
Video can be ALSO uploaded in addition to the mp3 files.
One Photo
Attractive yet not giving in, simple, and "has to give a concert to these people" proposal. 1 page max, just from my experience
CV or bios
We need to agree on the appearance fee. there are several categories, first of all,
up to 1000 or above 1000. if we choose one, then we need to specify the minimum,
like 600, 800. etc. (If we receive an offer or two, I found it easier to negotiate a small additional fee for a narrator, if we want.)

If it is accepted, it will look like ->

2-3: Lakeshore CM Society

2-4: Hudson Bay CM Society

3. Not sure but will try?:
French Library in Boston
53 Marlborough St.
Boston, MA 02116